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Training is important to ensure that clients achieve the optimum value for all solutions, understanding how to utilise the new functionality.

Training is provided for various requirements

Regular reviews - consultancy visits for new systems

Support callouts - best advice on fault finding or switch functionality

New personnel - overview of solutions provided and effective management


Network Management Training

network managementGeneral training is provided on an individual basis on your site, using your products to deliver the maximum value. 

This will include switch & wireless management (web, console & telnet sessions), allowing you to perform general support and maintenance activities.  The HP management features (on selected models) include an event log, so provides a faster solution to cabling

Training for HP managed switches also covers the settings for "loop protect".  This feature protects your network against misuse, when someone uses a patch lead to link two local network sockets.


Server Training

Server training is targeted at the requirements of the client and may be an overview of the updated functionality of the new system for experienced IT personnel, or a full system administration course.

Important elements include 

serversGeneral management features

Backup procedures and the restore process

Control of associated devices (such as printers)

Users = to add/delete accounts or modify privileges

Blacklist (or whitelist) web sites on the proxy



Microsoft Applications Software

Many users only utilise a small percentage of the features available for common Microsoft applications and many clients have benefitted from group based training.

Standard training sessions, or a customised package may be delivered at your premises or an off-site location.


inVentry - Unique Safeguarding Solution

inVentry - unique safeguarding systeminVentry is the unique touchscreen safeguarding solution that manages visitors, staff and CRB database.  Topological Limited provides onsite/remote training services for all inVentry clients.

Engineers provide telephone or on-site training for all aspects of the inVentry solution.  New features are added regularly and so clients require assistance to utilise the new functionality. 

Other training is available as web based tutorials that are accessed via the inVentry support helpdesk system.