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Staff ID Badge Printing


Topological Limited's badge printing service quickly delivers customised plastic staff ID badges and associated products including printed/plain lanyards, yoyo's and badge holders.

The badges may be printed with a barcode for use with your inVentry safeguarding system or incorporate smartcard technology for integration into a door access or printing control system.


Topological Limited's ID Badge Printing Service

Badge printingCustomised ID badges are prepared for staff, authorised regular visitors (including Governors) and some schools and colleges also require plastic ID badges for pupils.

An initial full colour design is agreed that normally includes the logo, a photograph and a barcode (for inVentry applications).  

PaxtonThe back is printed in black and may be used for additional information such as a return address, telephone number or CRB reference.

When used with a door entry system the design may be printed onto a proximity card (such as the Paxton NET2 system) or a smartcard.



lanyardsLanyards are available in a choice of colours and widths, with optional plastic wallets or rigid card holders. 

pre-printed lanyardsCustomised lanyards are supplied in a choice of colours, with your school, or college name and depending on the lanyard may include a logo.

Alternatively pre-printed staff (blue), visitor (red or green - ideal to illustrate CRB cleared visitors) and contractor (yellow) lanyards are available to assist with safeguarding procedures.

steel yoyos



Rather than lanyards, some clients prefer yo-yos with retractable cord and slide type metal belt clip.  

blue yoyo

These small reels are ideal when used with a proximity card for an access control system, or when there is a risk of the lanyards getting snagged when working.

Heavy duty chrome reels are popular, or lower cost plastic reels are available in a choice of colours.


Pre-printed lanyards

Badge Holders

To complete the options list, Topological Limited also provides a choice of badge holders.

Clear plastic wallets are ideal for visitor ID badges that are printed by your inVentry safeguarding system.  There is a choice of clear or coloured tops to help identify staff, visitors and CRB approved personnel.

card holderPlastic rigid card holders are available for plastic staff ID cards. 

These holders are available in a choice of colours, although clear holders are ideal when information is printed on both sides of the card. 


Free Sample

postA free sample is available of the cards, lanyards and badge holders to illustrate the quality of these products and services. 

contact Simply complete the form in the "contact us" section with your details and requirements, or ring us for a quicker service.