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network based IT solutions



Topological Limited offers a wide portfolio of ICT solutions designed to deliver:-

Performance upgrades


Support new technologies

The solution is frequently targeted at the core/backbone of the system infrastructure, to ensure the successful delivery of a service throughout the network.  

cloud based servicesThis includes servers, the core switch, backbone cabling and distributed switches and wireless Access Points (APs).

Even though an increasing number of applications are cloud based, it is vital to ensure that the network is operating correctly to maximise the limited broadband connection to the internet.  cctv - network based security

Other technologies such as telephony or CCTV may operate on your network, although if the system is not operating correctly it will lead to issues with your conversations (such as dropped calls) or poor quality or distorted images.


ICT Solutions and Upgrades

ICT upgrades provide greater performance or capacity (devices, users or storage) and wherever possible for best value, incorporate suitable legacy products. 

Server upgrades may incorporate Remote Access technology to deliver authorised access to selected folders.  This also offers the ability of supporting some applications on your network using older computers, with a specification that is not capable of working using the latest products and services

These solutions include:-

serversServers (and associated racks/cabinets)

Computers – desktops and laptops

Networking – cabling, switches & wireless

Software – operating systems and applications


Mobility Solutions


A large proportion of clients are expanding their ICT systems to incorporate more handheld devices as part of a mobility solution.

tablet - mobile solutionsThe solution may include laptop trolleys, with a suite of up to thirty devices that may be shared with several classes/subjects.  Some clients manage several trolleys to deliver the desired capacity.

Good wireless technology (such as HP MSM managed range) is essential for a successful mobility solution, with consideration for the environment and the quantity/density of devices. BYOD = Bring Your Own Devices

The wireless system also delivers guest access for authorised users as a hotspot service, with schools and colleges considering a BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) offering.