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CCTV in the spotlight

1st August 2014


Does your surveillance system need to be updated?

Many schools and businesses have an existing analogue CCTV system that has evolved over many years. 

It is frequently feared that it will be too costly and complex to change, even though the current products fail to deliver adequate levels of coverage and quality.

Benefits of IP


Ease of expansion = utilise existing computer network infrastructure

Quality = improved clarity of images, especially in lower light conditions

Storage = flexible storage options for the data

Availability = enhanced access to information, with reporting options


There are 3 main options to achieve the benefits of IP based solutions


Complete system replacement = all new IP products

Hybrid = existing cameras are integrated onto a new IP platform with IP cameras

Separate systems = retain existing system and start with a separate new IP system

New System

All the initial costs are greater, a complete replacement will deliver all of the desired functionality, with increased ease of management. 

Overall this solution will lower longer term expenditure.


Existing cameras (when considered suitable) may be integrated into a new IP based system using either adapters (encoders) or controllers with analogue & digital functionality. 

Often the IP based coding of the images allows them to be stored with greater resolution for picture clarity.

Separate Systems

Operating two independent systems, frequently provides the lowest initial outlay costs, however normally increases overall expenditure. 

This also frequently reduces the effectiveness of the solution due to the complexity and lower quality analogue elements.


Topological Limited offers a wide range of services, even a support contract for your current system, that are customised to your requirements and budgets. 

The systems use products from leading manufacturers, to provide the best long term solutions.