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Topological Limited has established its excellent reputation initially from providing networking solutions, primarily using HP products and have been rewarded with HP Gold Specialist status.

The successful delivery of every element of the computer system (such as teaching, registration or administration) is dependent on the network.

network monitoring & healthchecksTopological Limited assesses the perceived value of each element of your current system, together with listening to your issues, preferences and budget constraints. 

Advice is provided to deliver the desired performance gains and the optimum long term benefits to the users, providing best value and reducing expenditure.

As the network infrastructure is frequently used for other services (including security, telephones and building management), system availability and performance is increasingly important, so the fast response support service is vital for many clients.



Network Cabling

The quality and design of the network cabling is important for the effectiveness of the ICT system, as this includes the sockets used to connect individual devices and the backbone cables that inter-link the distributed cabinets.

network cablingTopological Limited will assess existing cabling systems prior to offering advice. 

In some cases it may be beneficial to undertake qualification tests and these may also check for the Quality of Service (QoS), which is ideal when planning to implement VoIP (IP telephony).

The benefits and supported network speeds of the various cable technologies are discussed.   This ensures the correct use of CAT5e/CAT6/CAT6a copper, fibre optic cables or even a blown fibre solution for Gigabit, 10 Gigabit (10 GbE), or even faster networking!

electrical/lighting designs


Electrical Cabling

To support the implementation of new products/solutions, Topological Limited provides electrical cabling services.  

electrical solutions

Electrical cabling solutions start from a single electrical socket to a major re-wire that includes distribution boards, trunking/containment and lighting.

The solutions are provided by experienced and trained electrical engineers and provided with the associated certifications and documentation.


HP Gold Partners


The majority of networking solutions are delivered using HP switches, as these are considered to deliver the best value.

The portfolio covers a range of applications from a small workgroup to a scalable managed central core switch for major networks.

HP switchesThe switches have a lifetime warranty, with a (best endeavours) next day replacement policy, with HP contracts (Care Packs) available to guarantee response times.

Advice is provided to ensure the selection of the most suitable products and this includes best value by considering current offers, trade-in deals or a HP project discount.

It is important to select the best switch for the desired current and predicted applications, as some projects require connectivity for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) technology, or Power over Ethernet (PoE or PoE+) ports.



A good wireless solution is heavily reliant on the network infrastructure includnig the cabling backbone and switches.

Topological Limited considers these networking elements, together with the operating environment, quantity/density/specification of the handheld devices and the associated applications when providing recommendations.

HP MSM APThe HP MSM products are considered ideal, as the network may start with a single managed Access Point (AP) and expand as required.

There are various controller options available with upgrades for flexibility and these optimise the management and control of the system.BYOD = Bring Your Own Devices

Topological Limited also offers secure guest connectivity for authorised users, with options for system management utilising technology integrated into the HP controllers or for greater management functionality our invites proxy solution.