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invites - wireless hotspots


Wireless Hotspots (BYOD)



BYOD = Bring Your Own Device

This technology is ideal for schools and colleges that wish to allow authorised users (pupils and staff) utilise their own mobile devices in nominated areas, to enhance the learning process.

Topological Limited provides flexible guest internet access using managed wireless technology that does not restrict the security of your network.



invites - Guest Proxy Solution

To deliver the optimum management of user accounts, with site blocking and detailed individual web surfing history the invites proxy is required.  

This solution is a collection of tools that have been configured to deliver the following:-

Flexible, easy to use & independent from main network

Utilise suitable existing wireless access points/switches

Separate IP address range for guest users (includes DHCP server)

Site blocking & approved “white list” for allowed websites

Individual user accounts includes web surfing history

Groups configured with separate black-listed sites

Group access times – configured during initial configuration

Option for remote access server integration

This solution may be fitted onto a spare server, to utilise existing hardware and reduce costs.



HP Managed Wireless Delivers Guest Access

The HP managed wireless solution is based on a central controller with integrated wireless guest functionality. 


Individual accounts to control access

Flexible duration of accounts

Configure access times & select APs to manage coverage

These users are connected to the internet via the existing proxy (using the controller) to ensure all normal restrictions and blocked sites are applied to all guest users, pupils and staff.