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sample ICT suite layout

ICT Suites


Complete ICT suite solutions include

Building services & room refurbishments

Desks, benches, chairs & other furniture

Networking, lighting & electrical cabling

Audio-visual - projectors and whiteboards

IT products/services - computers, servers & software

Security - access control & CCTV


IT Products

IT productsTo deliver the ideal solution, Topological Limited will assess your existing systems and utilise suitable legacy hardware.  Any new hardware is sourced from major manufacturers, such as HP & Dell.

The detailed solution includes engineering services, with training and support (where appropriate).


ICT suite

Building Services & Desks/Benches

Topological Limited will deliver a complete solution that may include building services, such as extensions/modifications to your school or the refurbishment of an existing room. ICT furniture

A suspended ceiling, air-conditioning and blinds may be fitted to manage the temperature and so improve the teaching experience.

The correct furniture and layout is important and so a CAD drawing may be produced with the recommended design, to illustrate the use of space. 

A detailed proposal is provided for the desks/benches (and associated furniture such as printer stands or storage), with options for seating.


electrical solutions

Lighting, Electrical & Networking

lighting designsElectrical cabling services include lighting designed for the use of computers and electrical wiring with sufficient sockets with provision for associated devices such as scanners.

The network cabling supports the computers and associated applications including wireless technology, access control and CCTV.


Audio-Visual Services

smartboardInteractive whiteboards are popular within ICT suites, although alternative software solutions are  available that distributes the image of the teacher's (or a pupil's) screen on all of the computers. NuVo amplifier & speakers

A quality cable loom, with faceplate connects the projector (ceiling, wall mounted or integrated) to the computer.

A wall mounted amplifier and speakers is provided for a full multi-media experience.


Security Products & Services

security shutterBuilding security may include access control (such as Paxton Net2 system) for any or all of the doors, fixed external grills or manual/electric security blinds. security cable

Security cables (available with audible alarms) reduce the risk of theft of items such as computers, laptops or projectors.

security shieldCCTV cameras/systems record any unauthorised access to school grounds, corridors, or classrooms. 

The high quality images will identify any thefts or damage, so may be used for prosecution and so will also act as a deterrent.