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Topological Limited has developed an impressive portfolio of security solutions and services that utilise the network infrastructure, for value & flexibility.

The range includes CCTV systems that may be managed via your smartphone and door entry systems that start with a single door, with wireless options to reduce installation times and costs.

Other solutions include physical protection, with fences, gates, grills and security cables.


CCTV Systems & Services

CCTV camera

Schools and colleges have found that the standard analogue CCTV systems do not deliver the coverage and quality required to prevent thefts and vandalism, or identify the people responsible.

New HD digital cameras have been designed to deliver the desired performance, with images stored in a suitable central location on a server.axis camera 

These images easily accessed by authorised personnel, using their computer, laptop or mobile device such as a smartphone.

The network infrastructure (cabling & switches) supports the new IP cameras, using Power over Ethernet (PoE) switching technology and standard CAT5e/CAT6 cabling. 

Adapters (encoders) are used to add suitable analogue cameras onto the new server, thus protecting the investment in your legacy products. 


IT & AV Security

It is important to protect your investment in IT and Audio-Visual (AV) technologies.  


Topological Limited will assist by providing advice and attractive prices for the supply/implementation on the best products to deter thefts or vandalism.

Products include:-

AV security


security cables/locks

cages for computers, projectors

LCD/plasma screen protectors

paxton reader


Access Control - Paxton 


Access to buildings or just selected rooms may be restricted by using a door entry solution, such as the Paxton system.

Solutions are now more affordable with systems starting from a single door (such as the new Paxlock system).   Net2 Paxlock combines wireless electronic security with a stylish, slim-line door handle and it works seamlessly with Paxton's Net2 management software.

entry phoneNet2 Entry is a new door entry system that works standalone or alongside Paxton's Net2 access control, combining door entry with the other key features.

Smart, simple audio/video door entry

Easy "plug and play" expansion

Intuitive, colour touchscreen monitor

Robust external panel comes with a keypad and RFID reader

Infrared camera for low-light use


IP55 rating for use in all weather conditions

Topological Limited offers badge printing services for Paxton Net 2 proximity cards. 

Your access cards may also be used as staff ID badges, including photo and a barcode (ideal for safeguarding with your inVentry system).



Fences, Gates & Shutters

To help with protection and reduce the risk of thefts, Topological Limited offers fences and shutters to restrict access to the site and physical damage. 

security locks and servicesAccess gates/barriers may be connected to the Paxton door entry system and incorporate cameras.