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bundles of new renewals for inVentry


Topological was the first approved reseller for inVentry and now has more options for clients to consider when purchasing a new system or renewing their support agreement.

SIMS/Integris MIS (Management Information System) Integration

To assist with the update and management of staff/pupil records, inVentry has become an accredited Capita SIMS technical partner, now offering a SIMS Integration Module that automatically keeps MIS records updated.  Following the success of this option, a similar version was created for IntegrisG2, with plans to support alternative systems.

inVentry Anywhere

To support emergency evacuation, inVentry Anywhere operates using cloud/3G technology allowing multiple authorised users to update records using a free app (iPhone or 3G iPad), or a secure website using a suitable 3G smart device. 

The Anywhere functionality now allows Staff to sign in/out using a separate staff app on their iPhone/iPod/iPad using GPS technology.

Maintenance & Special Pricing Bundles

To provide flexibility and to support clients with different requirements, there are remote and on-site maintenance options, for either twelve months or three years. 

TheHelp-desk support using experienced engineers experienced Help-desk also provides assistance with the utilisation of inVentry’s many features and where firewalls permit, includes remote access to the hardware to perform any updates and changes.

To deliver the best value, bundles are available for twelve months or three years. These include remote support, SIMS/Integris MIS integration and Anywhere at a reduced rate.

Quickscan – Touchscreen Systems for Staff & 6th Form management

quickscan touchscreen deviceTo support staff management, the Quickscan mini-touchscreen device (with an integrated barcode reader), allows staff to enter/leave via alternative doors using staff badges with an “inVentry” barcode.  

Multiple Quickscan devices may be connected to the main inVentry system via the school’s network, thus offering flexibility and also the management of 6th Form pupils.

card printing services
Brother Replacement Rolls/Stickers & Card Printing

In addition to the standard roll with 300 stickers, a continuous roll is available.  This is automatically cut by the printer and then easily placed by the Receptionist within a clear plastic wallet, which may be worn using a clip, lanyard or yo-yo.

Full colour printingTopological also offers a full colour, two-sided (black print on rear) plastic photo ID badge printing service for staff and regular visitors, with the option of a barcode so that it may be used with your inVentry system. 

The cards are printed promptly, using an agreed design that incorporates a logo and text options (such as address or CRB reference).

Lanyard & Yo-Yo Options

yo-yoLanyards for staff badges or visitor stickers are available, either in a choice of colours, customised with your school’s details (minimum order quantity applies) or pre-printed with “Staff” or “Visitor” in a choice of colours.  Red and green “Visitor” lanyards are an ideal way to distinguish people that have been assessed by your safeguarding policies.

The yo-yo is preferred by some clients and these are available in plastic or chrome and clip onto clothing.  The retractable cable allows badges to be scanned more easily.

rigid card holder
Rigid Card Holders & Plastic Wallets

Rigid card holders are designed for the plastic printed Staff ID cards. 

inVentry badges

The plastic wallets are ideal for inVentry printed visitor badges, allowing them to be worn around the neck (with a lanyard), or attached to clothing with a yo-yo. 

These wallets are available with a clear top, or colours (such as red & green) may be selected to assist with your safeguarding policies.