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Topological Limited has an impressive portfolio of ICT services utilising IP based applications that operate on your network. 

These solutions utilise your network infrastructure (cabling & switches) for maximum value and flexibility.

An ideal example is the use of smartphones for security.  This utilises IP CCTV cameras, connected to Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches.  The camera images may be viewed on a smartphone (or iPad) via the wireless network, after receiving an email or text alert.

Solutions based on HP switches include the following technologies

HP managed PoE switchesIP Telephony


Access Control & Building Management

Video Conferencing

Digital Signage

HP VoIP handset


IP Telephony

VoIP servicesUsing the network for Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone requirements increases flexibility, with handsets plugged into any network outlet, or utilise the wireless system. 

A Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch may be used to deliver the electrical supply or the handset may be connected to a local 13A socket, using a suitable power adapter. 

HP managed switches are ideal to maximise performance, with Quality of Service (QoS) settings that prioritise the voice packets across the backbone, with VLANs to segregate your telephony from your busy computer data traffic.

Topological Limited provides full solutions, or clients may opt to expand an existing system.


IP CCTV Solutions


Network based IP CCTV offers increased quality, flexibility and functionality, compared with legacy analogue security systems. 

A central server stores the images and controls the HD quality IP cameras that may be connected to any network socket (ideally a PoE switch is used to deliver the electrical supply).axis camera

Many clients use CCTV technology to enhance the behaviour of the pupils rather than just providing an "out of hours" deterrent. 

High quality images are ideal for prosecutions following thefts and vandalism, with options to integrate the system with alarms, security lights and audible warnings. 

The flexibility offered by the networked solution, allows a camera to be connected quickly to a spare network socket, thus responding to changes, without the delays associated with implementing an analogue camera.Paxton proximity cards


Access Control & Building Management

Topological Limited provides network connectivity within buildings for controlling access and monitoring boilers and other elements of the building including lifts. 

An increasing number of devices are now managed through the network including projectors that report when a bulb is due to fail.

Paxton's new entry phone

Access control is becoming increasingly important as part of the safeguarding policies and Paxton's systems offer several options, starting from a single door to the entire school. 

The system is easy to manage and doors may be unlocked with a small tag or a security card.

New products include a video entry phone or wireless controlled doors that minimise installation time thus saving money.


video conferencing solutions

Video Conferencing

Many schools utilise video conferencing to enhance the learning experience.  Topological Limited provides solutions that may be used throughout the site, or dedicated solutions that are setup to deliver the optimum quality.

Video ConferencingThe systems are IP based and so connect to a local network outlet.  Frequently for quality of service (QoS) and security these devices are segregated from the main network and this may be achieved using VLAN functionality on the managed switches.

streaming media solutions


Digital Signage

Topological Limited implements a centrally managed system that displays school information on TV or projector screens throughout your site. 

Start with a single screen and may be developed to show information that is targeted to the various areas and departments.

Topological Limited delivers a solution with the following functionality

digital signage - sample screenshotFully scheduled



Central managed

Web interface