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About Us


After gaining extensive experience, Topological Limited was formed in April 2006, by to provide quality networking solutions.

Based on expertise, the initial target was the educational market, although an increasing number of business clients are benefitting from exceptional levels of service.


Successful Growth

A major office upgrade was required including a help-desk/call centre and a new stores/preparation area, with new personnel joining Topological Limited to support business growth and to ensure the satisfaction of all clients.

Topological Limited has developed by incorporating new technologies and benefited from the skills and extensive experience of all personnel.

Initially delivering network solutions, the portfolio has expanded to include specialist products and services such as inVentry (safeguarding - visitor management), wireless guest, CCTV and IP telephony (VoIP) all backed by an excellent support service with a prompt response.


Top People

Andrew Hamer

Topological Limited was started by Andrew in 2006, after working in the industry since 1989. This started with a graduate training program, followed by experience with a few companies providing network solutions based on "best value" for many regular clients.

Andrew is the general contact for any sales and network design questions.


Marc DaleMarc was the first person to join Topological, when he started the network engineering department and he is now responsible for network installations, wireless surveys and support.

Although he joined to work on switches/wireless and escape from computers and servers, the majority of projects now integrate systems and so this experience is invaluable.


Approvals - including HP Gold Network Specialists


Topological Limited works with key manufacturers and distributors to provide services, including:-


  • HP for the switches and wireless
  • Excel for cabling products
  • Paxton for building access control

Training is important to ensure that the optimum products are supplied and supported. Training undertaken includes important Health & Safety courses that minimises risks for client's staff, school/college pupils, Topological Limited’s engineers and the general public.


inVentry – safeguarding SysteminVentry

Topological Limited was the first authorised reseller for inVentry and has been a major factor in the system development and growth in resellers.

In recognition of the services delivered, Topological Limited was selected by inVentry to provide the first-line support and implementation services.



The importance of references is recognised, as these illustrate the quality and value of the services provided. Topological Limited will provide multiple local references for projects, to ensure the confidence of prospective clients.

Visits, telephone conversations or written references are available for all types/sizes of projects from clients with similar requirements.